The Next Generation of SKINNED

To say this past year or so has been testing would be an understatement, as we’re sure many of you beauties can agree with.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally–pretty much anything with ‘ally’ tacked on, we’re feelin’ it.

But, amidst a slew of uncertainty, Zoom calls, lockdown vinos and perhaps one-too-many “treat yourself” purchases, we’ve had the unique opportunity one doesn’t often get when running a business: the space to pause, reflect and ask ourselves, who do we want to be as a brand?

Australian Owned body oilsAnd while that may sound obvious (hint: the best goddamn body oil your skin’s ever seen), we’re talking less about who we are and more about who we are to you.

Maybe mercurys in retrograde or we’re getting mushier with age, but as we near our fourth birthday (ok wow), looking back at our journey over the years, we feel so lucky to have met, connected and shared stories with so many of you badass queens (and kings).

Caption: Seriously though, we love you guys.

Whether you slid into our DMs, bought our body oils or simply reacted with fire emojis to our stories (you know who you are), we want you to know it’s not gone unnoticed.Australian Owned skincare

Call us sentimental, but ultimately, you’re what defines us. 

Without your love, support and appreciation for our body oils and banter, we wouldn’t have been able to turn our hungover dream into a full-blown reality.

Which is why It’s so important to us to ensure we provide you guys with the best possible SKINNED experience. From the ingredients we use to the products we produce and the content we share.


You’ve backed us through it all, so we want to back you. After all, what kind of a lover would we be if we didn’t return the favour? (it’s 2021 after all).

Just like our body oils, we’re committed to being 100% real.Australian Owned skincare

Which is why we’re so excited to share with you that we’re shifting the way we do things...
From now on, we’re choosing to only partner with and share content from the people that matter the most to us: you.

This means when you’re browsing our website, stocking up on your body oils, and stalking us on Insta (don’t pretend like you don’t), you’ll be met with real people, real experiences and real content.

Like many brands who grew in hand with the influencer movement, every single person we’ve had the pleasure of working with has contributed immensely to who we are and in some cases, is the reason why we’ve been introduced to many of you cuties. 

Australian Owned skincare

And while we’ll forever value the impact our incredible brand partners had on our journey to body-oil brilliance, for now, we’re closing the book on this chapter.

So, call it what you will–a new direction, the next generation, SKINNED 2.0–the choice is yours. But this is our commitment to you. 

Besides, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing and hearing about your SKINNED experience, whether it’s a review, video, selfie, whatever, keep ‘em comin’!

Tag @skinnedstore for your chance to be featured.

Okay that’s enough from us. Thanks for coming to our TED Talk!

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