Get ready to rack up those rewards! For every dollar you spend on full-priced items (excluding taxes, shipping, and discounted products), you'll earn 1 SKINNED point.

No need to keep track—these points magically appear in your account every time you shop! 🎉


Buckle up because we've got a little secret that'll make you jump for joy! 🥳 We're all about spreading the love and taking care of our incredible SKINNED community 💕 That's why we've cooked up something extra special just for you: our amazing Loyalty Points Program! 

Here's the deal: Every time you drop a dollar on our fabulous products, we're not only thrilled that you're treating yourself, but we also shower you with loyalty points like confetti 🎁 Because let's face it, you deserve nothing but the best!

Now, these points are like golden tickets to a savings paradise 🎫 Once you've accumulated enough, they transform into glorious vouchers that you can use to snag fantastic discounts on your next purchase 💰 Say goodbye to paying full price, and hello to a little extra sparkle in your wallet!

We believe in rewarding our incredible community for their unwavering support. So go ahead, indulge in your favourite SKINNED goodies, earn those loyalty points like a champion, and let us shower you with savings and appreciation 🥰 Because you are the heart and soul of SKINNED, and we can't wait to keep spoiling you rotten! 🫶

Who's ready to join the cool kids' club? 😎 If you've got an account, congratulations, you're already one of us! 🎉 No initiation rituals or secret handshakes required - just sign up and bask in the glory of being part of our awesome loyalty squad. Let's get this party started! 🥳

Earning points is a breeze! 😍 Whether you're referring friends or treating yourself to some skincare goodies, every action counts. Just head over to the Earn Points tab in the widget menu to explore all the ways you can stack up those points and score big on rewards! 🎁

Time to cash in those points like a pro! 💸 Just cruise on over to the Redeem Points tab in the widget – it's your personal gateway to a world of rewards. See something you fancy? If you've got enough points, it's yours for the taking. Simple as that! 🌟

Approved: Ready, set, redeem! These points are good to go for snagging rewards right away. 🎉

Pending: Hold tight! These points are in the verification queue, usually for purchases and referrals. Once confirmed, they'll be up for grabs. ⏳

Cancelled: Oops! These points won't make the cut. For instance, if you cancel a purchase, the points shift from pending to cancelled, and they won't be added to your stash. 🚫