Mens Body Oils Explained

Not only do the SKINNED For Men Body Oils make us weak at the knees (get ready to throw a leg over your partners😝!), but our body oils also have HEAPS of other uses! Formulated with masculine bodies in mind, it was important for us to incorporate additional benefits into these bad boys to help solve those common grooming issues. 

ISSUE: Got dry AF skin?

SOLUTION: Use your Skinned For Men as an all over face & body moisturiser.

A multipurpose, soothing, body oil that keeps your skin moisturised and healthy. Our lightweight formula spreads easily, and only a small amount is needed to achieve full coverage.

Mens shaving oil

ISSUE: Skin on fire after shaving?

SOLUTION: Use your Skinned For Men as a pre and post shaving oil.

Helps to prevent shaving rash and irritation. Hydrates and repairs skin, whilst nourishing stubble and shorter facial hair with a nourishing and non-greasy formula.

ISSUE: Wanting the finishing touch on an irritation-free shave?

SOLUTION: Use your Skinned For Men Body Oil as an aftershave.

Make sure your shave ends on the right note! Calms irritations and nicks, and helps skin to recover from the after effects of shaving

Mens shaving oil

ISSUE: Need to defeat beard dandruff, like FOREVER?

SOLUTION: Use your Skinned For Men Body Oil to nourish and tame your beard.

Even the most lustrous of beards can harbour the darkest of secrets: beard dandruff. Nourish and tame unruly beards whilst conditioning dry skin and preventing flakiness and itchiness.

ISSUE: Dull AF tattoos?

SOLUTION: Use your Skinned For Men Body Oil to brighten your tattoos.

No one gets a tattoo hoping that they will one day fade, but the truth is all tattoos lose vibrancy over time. Make your tattoos pop with our versatile oils for added moisture and extra vibrancy.

Mens shaving oil



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