There is no denying that as the co-owners of SKINNED that Sof and I have access to the most amazing body oil and serums that your skin could ever want. And we’re certainly no beauty bloggers, but we (kinda) know our shit. We are more like your daily reminders that beauty shouldn’t be taken so goddamn seriously. You are not alone when you chip your nail polish only two and a half minutes after being done, and more often than not, we’re also 90% dry shampoo by Friday. Needless to say, we LOVE a good beauty hack- especially when it involves our oils and serums! There is no ‘wrong way’ to use a body oil. In fact, the options are endless when it comes to getting creative when using your favourite SKINNED body oil. We reached out to our besties in our SKINNED BFF's - with Jena & Sofie Facebook Group, and boy, did they deliver! 👏



Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is… relax. However, living in this fast paced and digital age makes it hard. And the guilt is REAL, so we often choose the quicker option of having a shower. However, what if I told you that there are remarkable benefits to having a bath according to science? And one of these benefits is relieving skin conditions. If you suffer from dry/dehydrated skin, eczema, psoriasis or similar, you have now doubt already been recommended oiled baths. And if you haven’t ever experienced an oiled bath, this is your sign girlfriend! Applying a few full droppers of SKINNED body oils to your bath is as soothing for the skin as it is for the senses. SKINNED BFF Bestie Simone says ‘If I’m going to soak in a bath with salts, I'll add some oils for the extra moisture plus scent!’. 

PRO TIP: The answer to the perfect nighttime routine is here! Pillow Talk Body Oil is the perfect way to add something special to your bedtime routines. Enriched with lavender and ylang ylang to calm anxieties and help promote restful sleep, it is the perfect addition to bath time. Suitable for the whole family including the bubbas and children, you can use Pillow Talk Body Oil day and night.

bath oil


If you are anything like Sofie, you love a fool-proof long stay lippy for the girls night out. But what happens the next day when the hangover sets in and that long stay lippy really lives up to its name? Let me introduce you to our hero serum Bang Bang Boogie. It is jam packed with the organic goodness of rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin e. Apply it directly to your dry lips and gently massage. Follow through with your makeup remover pad (reusable ALWAYS!) to gently remove any remaining lippy residue. Your smackers will thank you for the generous hydrating boost.

make up removal oil


Don’t let those fly aways get you down. Our SKINNED oils are rich in vitamins which are essential to keeping hair healthy and frizz free. Healthy hair is stronger and less prone to split ends and breakage = less frizz! If you are wanting to apply to your damp and freshly cleansed hair, apply a small amount- roughly the size of a 5 cent piece is the perfect starting point, to your hands and work it through your mid lengths to ends. Steer clear of your scalp as this area generates its own natural oils. Detangling with a wide tooth comb or detangle brush following this will be a breeze! 

If you are wanting a quick frizz fix on dry hair, follow our SKINNED BFF Bestie Samiya’s advice; ‘after applying on the body, use whatever is left on the hands through the ends of your hair for that good smell and to help with frizz’. Another cheeky hair hack from SKINNED BFF Frances is she applies her Sugar Sugar Body Oil every morning and when she covers her shoulders she makes sure that the ends of her hair brushes the oil so it has a subtle aroma whenever she shakes her head during the day. 

frizzy hair oil


Some people also find moisturising the most annoying beauty task of all. And, if you can believe it, boring. This is why Sofie and I have always said that using our oils takes moisturising from a chore to a full-blown experience. And hopefully by now, we have converted you to use body oils. If you haven’t already mixed your body wash and body oil together on your loofah, allow me to introduce you to the most luxurious shower experience you will ever have. Even if it is just for a few uninterrupted minutes, ending your shower with a beautiful lather of body wash + oils will make you feel a million bucks.By patting dry your skin after your shower, you’ll lock in that moisture and create the ‘dewy skin’ effect. 

If you are still loyal to your traditional creams and lotions, you are in a judgment free zone here 😉 we also lllooovvveee a nourishing cream when the situation arises. Lotions are roughly 65% water and generally 35% oils, bound together by an eternal love- emulsifiers. However, by using an oil in the shower you are already providing the water component AND doing the emulsifying manually. Plus, you get more bang-for-your-buck as a little bit of oil goes a long way. If you have ever wondered why your body oils last longer than your typical creams and lotion- you’re welcome! SKINNED BFF Bestie Felicity says ‘when I apply any of my skincare, I make sure that I don't completely dry my face after cleansing. Having a damp face allows your products to penetrate deeper and you end up using less product’. You heard it here first GF!

body oil


Razor burn is sadly very real, and some people tend to suffer with it worse than others. The idea of a shave can produce unpleasant thoughts of burning red shaving rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs, and send a shiver through even the toughest of guys and gals. Razor burn does not discriminate. It can affect all gender identities and all areas of the body, and the good news is that it is preventable- so prior preparation is key here! 

  1. Warm showers prep you for shaving by softening the hair and skin allowing your razor to glide effortlessly and reduce tension.
  2. Shaving dirty skin leads to razor burn. Your skin is a playground for all the dirt and grime that you've accumulated throughout the day. Always cleanse your skin prior to shaving. ALWAYS.
  3. Oil up baby! For the best and closest shaves, massage in your favourite body oil and allow it to sit for a minute or two prior to commencing your shave. Our best seller Ocean for Men is wildly popular as a pre-shave oil with the fellas and smells AMAZING. It hydrates and repairs skin, whilst nourishing stubble and shorter facial hair with a nourishing and non-greasy formula.
  4. Follow through post shower with your favourite SKINNED body oil and… voila! This step sounds fuss free but it is a crucial step! It helps to protect your skin from razor burn and retain the skin's moisture. Plus there is ZERO alcohol in our body oils so they won't further dehydrate you. The only alcohol we like is in our cocktails- not our skincare thanks!

shaving oil

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