Love a good shaving hack?

Love a good shaving hack? SKIN ON FIRE AFTER SHAVING? 🪒 PREVENT THAT RAZOR BURN! 🔥 Razor burn is sadly very real, and some people tend to suffer with it worse than others. The idea of a shave can produce unpleasant thoughts of burning red shaving rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs, and send a shiver through even the toughest of guys and gals 💪 Razor burn does not discriminate. It can affect all gender identities and all areas of the body, and the good news is that it is preventable- so prior preparation is key here! 

shaving oil

💦 Warm showers prep you for shaving by softening the hair and skin allowing your razor to glide effortlessly and reduce tension 🚿

💦 Shaving dirty skin leads to razor burn. Your skin is a playground for all the dirt and grime that you've accumulated throughout the day. Always cleanse your skin prior to shaving. ALWAYS. 🧼

shaving oil

💦 Oil up baby! For the best and closest shaves, massage in your favourite body oil and allow it to sit for a minute or two prior to commencing your shave. Our best seller Ocean for Men is wildly popular as a pre-shave oil with the fellas and smells AMAZING. It hydrates and repairs skin, whilst nourishing stubble and shorter facial hair with a nourishing and non-greasy formula 🪒

shaving oil

💦 Follow through post shower with your favourite SKINNED body oil and… voila! This step sounds fuss free but it is a crucial step! It helps to protect your skin from razor burn and retain the skin's moisture. Plus there is ZERO alcohol in our body oils so they won't further dehydrate you. The only alcohol we like is in our cocktails- not our skincare thanks! 🍹

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