The list of botanical oils we adore is a long one. That's because there are just so many beautiful, nutrient-dense oils out there. But one that is always a consistent favourite (as an oil, and a juicy snack!), is pomegranate oil.

Fondly referred to as ‘The Fruit of Life’, the pomegranate has been touted as a superfood since ancient times and provides incredible benefits for the overall health of your skin.

pomegranate oil

Carefully extracted from the seeds of the pomegranate fruit, pomegranate oil is loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants. In fact, there are more antioxidants in pomegranate oil than green tea or red wine!

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, pomegranate seed oil is rich in Omega 5, Omega 9, and Omega 6, making it one of the front-runners in anti-inflammatory skincare. It helps promotes rapid cell regeneration including the quality of these cells, resulting in soothed skin.

Whilst our hybrid oils are suitable for all skin types, they are particularly targeted to skin types that need a little extra loving. The healing nature of pomegranate oil helps to reduce discomfort and soothe symptoms that are associated with inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis and can be used all over the body (including the scalp!). It also offers salvation in fading scars and reducing redness that occurs with inflammation, whilst delivering intense hydration to dry, irritated skin thanks to the high concentration of fatty acids.

pomegranate oil

Given its endless list of skin benefits, it is no surprise that pomegranate oil is one of the main ingredients in our hybrid oils. And if it isn’t a part of your daily skincare routine, we suggest changing that sooner rather than later. It really does seal the deal (pun intended!).


-         Embrace Rescue Recovery Complex Oil

-         Enchant Rescue Recovery Complex Oil

-         Rescue Recovery Complex Bundle


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