Dry Af Skin? Apricot Oil. Bad Credit? Apricot Oil. Bf Acting Up? Apricot Oil. 👌

Dry Af Skin? Apricot Oil. Feeling Like You’ve Got More Wrinkles Than A Shar Pei? Apricot Oil. Bad Credit? Apricot Oil. Bf Acting Up? Apricot Oil. 👌

improve skin tone

There’s Not Much Apricot Kernel Oil Can’t Do, That’s Why It’s The Hero Ingredient In Our Body Oils 💦

So what exactly is Apricot Kernel Oil and why do we use it as a staple in our mega lush fragranced body oils? Well, let’s just say we weren’t joking before when we said Apricot Kernel Oil can do just about anything.

Apricot Kernel oil can help to improve skin tone, maintain that sweet sweet supple softness and help your skin radiate it’s magic glow like you’ve never seen before.  This hero ingredient closely resembles the natural sebum produced in your skin making it an absolute superstar for skin moisture that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re prepping your own body for that family Sunday roast night. 

improve skin tone

Our Apricot Kernel Oil is cold pressed from the oil-rich kernels of Apricots turning their peachy magic into a lightweight, non-greasy oil that can help to soothe problem skin. Our body oil hero ingredient is also rich in Vitamin A and E which is essential to just bloody great skin health. 

But hey, you don’t have to trust us. Rub some of our luxury body oils into your flakey AF skin and see the results for yourself….we dare you. 

body oil apricot kernel oil

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