5 mins with the SKINNED founders


Where did you find the inspiration to shake up boring AF skincare products to create SKINNED?

Sofie: The products were all Jenas magic creations. She can take this one. 

Jena: I pursued the beauty industry HARD for 15 years and studied every spare moment I could. The beauty and cosmetics industry is an AMAZING industry… but it was boring AF. So when Sof and I were enjoying a cheeky marg together what feels like a lifetime ago now (4 years and counting GF!), discussing dry skin that was in fact flakier than our exes, Skinned was born on the back of a napkin and became our love child ❤

Has being in business together changed your relationship as friends?

Sofie: I think if anything it has made our friendship stronger. However I do feel like we speak about work maybe too often and forget to just chat. Jena and I are polar opposites in many ways and she is the total ying to my yang BBY, that will never change. 

Jena: DITTO! I couldn’t imagine doing life without Sof. Business + friendships isn’t for everyone, certainly not the faint hearted, and I think people always want to tell you the horror stories. BUT… we are here to myth bust that shit. Look at these epic products and community we created!

How do you juggle the age old work and personal life balance?

Sofie: I struggled a lot more when my son was younger, now he is older I am into my groove. But every week changes, our business can throw us in the deep end one week then be slightly less chaotic the next. There has been many a frantic meeting being held while I'm sitting in my car outside my sons kindy and I wouldn’t have it any bloody other way. 

Jena: First of all, I can’t juggle. HELP! 

Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

Sofie: Ginger all the way!

Jena: Ginger & Baby… but Posh won some love from me after the iconic ‘HOLD ONTO YOUR KNICKERS GIRLS!’ in Spice World.

What is your fav TED Talks or podcast recommendations?

Sofie: Brene Brown has some EPIC TED talks. That woman is incredible.

Jena: I’m a poddy gal… Shameless with Michelle Andrews & Zara McDonald. Casefile for the true crime junkies (hello… it’s me). S-Town. 

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Sofie: Oh god, I am so the person that sits in the driveway for 10 minutes before going inside. I use this time to think up new ideas, scroll FB or just generally waste time in my happy little bubble of solitude before entering the adult house world again. Do yourself a favour - sitting in your car in the driveway is self care and I dare someone to challenge me on that. 

Jena: Uhhh… I’m generally on the phone to Sofie whenever I drive anywhere. Soz GF!

Whats your favourite make up must have?

Sofie: MASCARA! I am not a make up person, but jesus I need to have some mascara to prevent me from looking like I should be in a hospital ward on IV. Never ever forget the mascara. Fun fact, I have used the same mascara since high school That bad boy does bloody wonders for the peepers. 

Jena: Sofie keeps stealing my answers so I’m going to go with Mascara and contour stick cos Lord knows (at least sof does) that this girl LOVES a contour. I’ll take all the help I can thanks😉

If you were a Microsoft Office program, which one would you be?

Sofie: Excel because I EXCEL at everything…. I think I am funny ok. 

Jena: She did a funny guys 👏 👏 I SHOT GUN CLIPPY. The Paper Clip the world loved to hate for being helpful 😝

body oil glow up

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sofie: I wanted to be a lawyer. Probably should of done that, can argue with ANYONE and convince people to see my reason (even if they just agree to disagree with me to shut me up)

Jena: I was so excited to just be an adult... SEND HELP! PS: Sof really can argue. You have been warned.

What do you do to get away from work?

Sofie: Beach! I love going 4WDing on the beach. Camping and getting away is my happy place. I could sit and stare at the ocean for hours, and do, regularly.

Jena: Wine and dine BBY! 

Whats one embarrassing or funny  thing you can share about your BFF/Business partner?

Sofie: The most embarrassing thing I could tell you about Jena is on my son’s 1st birthday she got so white girl she passed out on my kitchen floor behind my son as he was cutting the cake. Trust me, the photos are EPIC (if you beg really hard I might share them with you one day). 

Jena: Sof, I am officially @ you. PLS DON’T. 😭 it wasn’t pretty guys! Hm, Sof is a hard one but fun fact that she is colour blind… she can’t see RED FLAGS. If you ever need a lol from a dating story- she’s ya gal. See pic of Sof’s BF 👇 

How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?

Sofie: ALL OF THE DAMN DONUTS. Don’t even question me on this. 

Jena: I take your donut and raise you a cronut. 

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention….What do you think cats dream about?

Sofie: OMG! Cats are freaking weird creatures and I love them. I swear cats just dream about the next fluffy pillow or weird place they can nap in when they wake up from their current nap. And some, I think just dream about plotting how much of an A hole they can be when they wake up. The sneaky buggers. 

Jena: Who the f*ck think of this shit? I’m flat out remembering my own dreams…


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