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First thing first, we’re no nutritionists, but would you pass the freakin’ salt! We can’t get enough of that salty shiz! We’re not talking any regular salt either, we’re talking the pretty pink kind that comes in all types of textures. We’re not bias here… we love us some Himalayan pink salt in all shapes and sizes! To...

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product spotlight: body oils

our floral infused body oils are designed to be used all over the body and leave the skin feeling velvety smooth, much smoother than the pick up line the guy at the bar tried last weekend (you still took that free drink though, didn’t you). these body oils will not leave the skin feeling greasy like you’ve rolled in last nights kebab as the blended oils have been chosen and formulated specifically for quick absorption. no matter what age or skin type, oils are a wonderful skin food and provide a multitude of benefits

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