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SKINNED Store Sugar Sugar Bath Salt Soak Natural Best Skin Care Organic Australia

sugar sugar bath salt

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fresh, yet warm and tender. exquisitely rich and sweet fragrance combines the fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry vanilla and white musk 

with pretty florals and creamy vanilla at its core, you’ll be makin’ them sing! 


key ingredients 
· epsom salt: when absorbed through the skin, epsom salts work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and joint inflammation. the perfect answer to alleviate tension headaches and dreaded pms cramps 
· himalayan pink salt: infuses the skin and body with minerals and hydration, also works as a powerful detoxifier. when dissolved in water, himalayan pink salt becomes an ionic solution that helps to draw the toxins out of the skin 
· celtic sea salt: builds immunity and helps to alkalise the body and prevents our kidneys from working overtime with acid waste. 
· bentonite clay: healing clay that also cleanses the body. it helps to draw toxins out from the skin works as a natural exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, and in turn providing beautiful, glowing skin!