First thing first, we’re no nutritionists, but would you pass the freakin’ salt! We can’t get enough of that salty shiz! We’re not talking any regular salt either, we’re talking the pretty pink kind that comes in all types of textures. We’re not bias here… we love us some Himalayan pink salt in all shapes and sizes! 
To fully grasp just how damn awesome this stuff is, we must give you a quick background check! Naturally found in the… you guessed it… Himalayan Mountain region, it is said to be the purest form of natural salt on Earth today because it’s derived from ancient sea salt deposits. It is packed with over 84 trace minerals and elements that make it incredibly nourishing for your body. 
So, what the hell does it do? Look, TBH, it’s probably easier to tell you what it doesn’t do but here’s a few quick reasons on why this hero salt is a staple in all SKINNED bath soaks: 
When dissolved in water, Himalayan pink salt becomes an ionic solution that helps to draw the toxins out of the skin. At the same time, those 84 natural-occurring trace minerals are busy penetrating your skin, reducing the acidic levels in our body and balancing our skins pH, ultimately leaving you nourished and fresh AF! 
Not only do bath soaks helps us to relax after a shitty day/week/month at work, but the infusion of Himalayan pink salt helps us to relax and provide relief to cramped muscles and muscle aches. Hormonal babes, we are looking at you! If you haven’t tried a bath soak whilst PMS-ing, then you really haven’t lived. Big shout out to the magnesium content in this bad boy for saving us from turning into a fire breathing demon who cascades tsunamis of bitchery at any given opportunity! 
Again, those damn trace minerals really are the shit! They help to fight migraines within a matter of minutes. When soaking, the salt helps to raise our serotonin levels in our blood. This basically inhibits the pain that migraines cause and stops it right in its tracks! 
If you can’t seem to wind down at night, soaking can calm your mind and body, so you can fall asleep. Lucky for us, Himalayan pink salt is jam packed with magnesium. Magnesium helps to fight that asshole hormone Cortisol, which is responsible for pretty much 99% of your problems. 
In a nutshell: Yes, eat that. No, do not text that boy back. Your ass looks great. Himalayan pink salt.
Remember, take your problems with a grain of salt… just be sure to add a slice of lime and a shot of tequila! 
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All of our mineral rich bath salts are blended in house with a combination Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, Celtic sea salt and bentonite clay.