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A little article done about the two owners of SKINNED. Read below for a little bit of insight to SKINNED and the people behind it!

"In an industry as massive as the beauty biz, you would think it would be hard to find something unique. But two Sunshine Coast locals have come up with a product which is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to a beauty product which looks after your skin, looks after the environment and looks good just sitting on the shelf.

Sofie Wilkinson and Jena Anglberger, owners of Skinned, came up the idea for their organic beauty products over what they describe as “too many margaritas”. The pair, who originally met through Jena’s fiance (who had also been a friend of Sofie’s for about 12 years), just clicked. “He started bringing Jena around over the years, and we just became really close,” Sofie said. “Jena and I would meet up on a Sunday afternoon and have margaritas, and each week it would end up in a business conversation. After three or four months of that, we bit the bullet and just did it, because we kept coming back to this one idea we liked.”

That idea was built on ethical beauty: handmade, natural, vegan products, including facial serums, bath salts and body oils – an eye-catching stand-out product in their own right with florals floating in the cold-pressed apricot, avocado, macadamia and vitamin e oils. “Jena’s a beauty therapist, so she’s always had an interest in the beauty, health and skincare industry,” Sofie said. “I don’t. I am the opposite to her in that way – I barely knew what a face moisturiser was until we started this business. But I could see the business idea, as I build websites and focus on marketing. So, it was a good partnership!”

Sofie said although Jena was already familiar with the beauty industry, they were particularly surprised to uncover the amount of money people were spending on products which didn’t offer great value.

“What people spend on that stuff is absurd. And what people charge for it is even worse. So value for money was our main focus.

“People are charging for a product that’s not great, but because it’s a brand name they can charge what they want. What we found when we started looking into the ingredients and the materials, was that we could do something completely organic for about a quarter of what other brands charge.”

Being able to provide a high-quality product which was eco-friendly and cost effective became the main driver. And you can expect an injection of humour as well, with a nod to song titles as part of the product description: including Black Berry Betty; Ride It, My Peony; and Drops of Jupiter body oils.

Nearly everything is organic, with no fillers and no preservatives, plus the products are formulated, manufactured, packaged and shipped right here on the Sunshine Coast.

“Jena spent many months formulating the perfect blend of oils and all the other products to get what we were happy with: it smelt good, it felt good, and it had a decent shelf life.

“All the formulations never leave skin greasy, and they are good for all skin types. We do a few different serums for every type of skin: oils are fantastic thing to put on and are multi-purpose. They can be used on body and face. They can be used everywhere – even your hair, hands... everything!

“For us it’s just about keeping it simple, and focussing on what we started the business for.”

Word of mouth has led to what Sofie describes as a cult following.

“We never expected this business to go anywhere and it’s starting to explode. We’re blown away by it and it’s fantastic. We’re now hoping to push it so more stockists have our product Australia-wide and get the product overseas. That would be a huge milestone for us – we’re pretty keen to grow the business as far as it will go.”

You’ll find Skinned products available via Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast stockists, or shop at where you’ll also find their new Rose Quartz and Amethyst oil range.


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