clay masks – the right way

everyone has heard the benefits of using a clay mask – helps to hydrate skin, improve appearance of pores, remove excess oils, brightens skin tone etc – the list really does go on! but, did you know finding the right type of clay mask will drastically improve your skin? how about how to correctly use a face mask (yeah you are probably doing it wrong like I was)?

if you’re anything like the team here at SKINNED, we absolutely love a good girls night in with a bottle of wine and a fantastically divine face mask! read below as we delve into what really makes SKINNED masks so great as well as get tips from our resident beauty therapist on the very best way to use your mask to get the most benefits!

the low down on the various types of SKINNED masks and what they all do for you

best all rounder clay face mask: blk magic

this mask will suit just about everyone, its our go to timeless mask with the main active ingredients being bentonite clay formed from volcanic ash and bursting with skin loving minerals as well as activated charcoal which draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion. honestly theres not much blk magic cant handle.

dull skin: heart of gold

is your skin looking like its seen better days? to brighten your skin and make you radiate like the goddess you are we have combined volcanic ash formed benotonie clay bursting with skin loving minerals with organic turmeric which is an absolutely kickass anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse (we cannot get enough of this bad boy, hubby doesn’t mind it either)

sensitive sally: pink cashmere

just as the name suggests this mask is as soft as your grandmas favourite knitted jumper on a cool winters night. made from pink australian clay which rich in minerals, restores and replenish skin with moisture whilst draw out impurities and organic chamomile, a hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants. This delicate creation also contains organic marshmallow root which is incredibly soothing and softening (no you cant eat it)

mature skin: good vibrations

has your skin lived a hard life? this intensely hydrating mask is perfect for those young at heart (or those of you who just really haven’t looked after your skin tisk tisk). Jam packed with volcanic ash formed bentonite clay to get your dose of skin loving minerals, pink Australian clay to restore and replenish skin with moisture while drawing out impurities and organic rose petals which act as a natural astringent that promote glowing skin. organic hibiscus is a natural source of aha’s resulting in the nickname ‘botox plant’ (we all need a bit of tightening right).

so, now you have picked the face mask that’s going to do the most benefit for your skin and you’re ready to pup that puppy and have yourself a grand old girls night in, you have to know what you’re doing right?

well… let me tell you, everything I knew about clay face mask application is wrong. dead set wrong (its things like this that make me have trust issues). basically if you have ever waited (ever so patiently and several glasses of wine later) for that oh so satisfying moment when your face goes from a cool gooey mess to a rock solid fantasticness where you have to just keep testing how hard it is by opening your mouth as wide as possible and raising your eyebrows….well hate to break it to you, but yeah you are like me and doing it wrong (insert the gasps and looks of shock and horror here). unfortunately talking to the resident beauty therapist here at SKINNED (least one of us knows what they are doing right?) burst everything I thought I knew, but on the upside (yes I will admit it) my face is now actually benefitting from the masks I use and I have seen noticeable change (again, insert the gasps and looks of shock and horror here).

Right, so if you’re still with me I am going to assume you are a clay mask novice like myself and we are going to start with the basics!

Firstly, SKINNED clay masks come dry, this ensures the beneficial goodness encapsulated in your mask stays of the freshest and best quality, so you have to mix it. simply add a couple of good pinches of the powder you your palm and slowly add drops of water until you reach a paste like texture – trick here is a thick paste that will sit comfortably on your skin and not end up like a runny egg sliding down the wall (don’t ask). Now, you don’t have to use just water, SKINNED body oils are also perfect to mix into the mask just mix a little less water and a few drops of your favourite body oil and viola! you have yourself the benefits of not just the mask but also your favourite oil (heavenly, seriously heavenly)! from here you want to apply in circular motions on a damp face (sounds just like you normally do right? stay with me) and slightly massage into your face. you don’t need to get all thai massage on your face, just a light circular motions to awaken the skin, remember you are not rubbing it into the skin! now, here is where my life changed completely – up until this point I thought I had figured out the fundamentals of life… are you ready? you do not let your mask dry completely (insert the gasps and looks of shock and horror here)!?

so our beauty therapist told me that letting the mask dry completely kind of renders the mask useless as you are basically filling the skin with the amazing moisture and goodness and then ripping it back out again with the dry mask (kind of makes sense now right). so instead, leave the mask for 5-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the mask, moisture in the air etc and when it begins to dry dampen your fingers and slowly massage off before giving your face a good rinse with cool water and a pat dry.

Finish off your new amazing skin with a swipe of the SKINNED facial serum and you are good to go, ready to take on all the tasks life brings (lets be honest you’re going to go back to the couch and drink more wine…).