Brand collab: OceanZen

Introducing OceanZen!

Here at SKINNED we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and are always looking for new ways to incorporate all things green into our products, we are all about the earths future and not destroying this beautiful planet we call home. It is the reason we absolutely lose our minds when we find other local brands bringing a whole new level to sustainability and reducing the world of waste!

Seriously guys, this brand is beyond! Not only are their bikinis insanely stunning, but they are also made from 100% recycled plastic straight from our precious oceans! 
The OceanZen story is a unique one, founder Steph is an avid traveller and has a background in Environmental Marine Science and has seen first hand what plastics and other rubbish is doing! OceanZen was created through utter devastation on realising just how polluted our beautiful oceans are. 
What better way to clean up our oceans than by the removal of plastic bottles and fishing nets and transforming the waste to the softest, prettiest fabrics we have ever seen! Thats a serious win win for us and the environment. 

OceanZen is proudly a sustainable business and are 'SAVING THE OCEAN, ONE BIKINI AT A TIME' and thats a cause we can back!

Seriously, go check these guys out! Their range is absolutely stunning. To shop their latest collection click here

All SKINNED orders for the month of April will include a rad little deal from OceanZen

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