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bathroom ideas we are crushing on!

i don’t know about you guys but for me there is nothing better than walking into a beautiful bathroom! i could quite happily take a shitty kitchen over a shitty bathroom and often find myself in an absolute wormhole (im talking hours upon hours here) of pintrest searches gathering ideas to take my space to guest envy vibes!
from green leafy goodness positioned perfectly to the best natural skin care products displayed proudly to the perfect colour match accessories we dive deep into what get’s us going in the bathroom.
for us it’s all about styling. as much as i would like, i cannot afford a complete renovation each time i open pintrest (life goals am i right?). updates don’t have to cost a pretty penny and quite often you can copy the best looks for really quite cheap. we have below some of the bathroom ideas we are absolutely crushing on atm and the places we have found to replicate these bad boys. you ready?
SKINNED store bathroom inspo plants
first up, greens! for me i love bringing nature in and think there’s no better space in the house than the bathroom. bathrooms often being small and dark bringing a few pieces of green will liven the place up, plus that touch of something living makes the space that much more inviting (who doesn’t want to feel all welcome sitting on the toilet during your morning routine?). plus it’s super easy to water them, just chuck the bad boys in the shower a few times a week and you’re going to have some damn happy plants!
if you just legit suck at life and cannot manage to keep something alive, there are some pretty rad fakies getting around.
*hot tip – make sure you get the right plant, ask your local nursery what should be going in doors and make sure you get a plant that suits your level of light in there.
where to buy:
real – try your local nursery, farmers market or even bunning’s for a legit range!
fake – ikea and online like greenery imports
SKINNED store bathrooms we are crushing on colour 
next, colour! there is nothing easier than sprucing up an old tired bathroom with a bit of colour. now if you are renting or cannot completely transform your space the easiest way to add some colour is with accessories. nothing screams guest envy more than a perfectly styled bathroom dotted with perfectly selected colour scheme. for me right now its all about the pastel colour towels. just grab those bad boys and dangle them every so effortlessly from over the side of the bath, shower or even the towel rail (who knew towels actually looked good there). the best part about adding colour in this way is when the season or trend finishes it’s as simple as ditching the old towels (you can never have too many towels) and replacing with the new colour scheme. just make sure you get the matching sets and don’t be afraid to add in similar colours on the same spectrum.
*hot tip – adding too many items of the same colour is not going to help your cause lets all remember the basic principle KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (say it again) (and again) (and once more for good luck) got it?.
where to buy:
unless your budget is around that of kylie jenner, most of us will go to our local department stores like kmart, target and myer. all of these places will have reasonable (you get what you pay for here) to good quality towels in all the latest trend colours. other options are places like bed bath n’ table and sheridan
SKINNED store bathrooms we are crushing on products natural bath products
styling, styling, styling! right so technically this whole article is really about styling but what i am talking about here is those gorgeous natural bath products you have delicately placed on the counter because they look pretty, smell pretty and are basically right on trend. for us it’s a no brainer, we are going to tell you the SKINNED products are the perfect fit for any bathroom and you know what, we back that! we have designed SKINNED products to be that swoon worthy piece your friends will ask you about, want to smell and make your bathroom the envy of all others (too far?). personally, i am all about the realistically pointless but oh so cute wooden tray with an array of your favourite go to products. the best part is having your swoon worthy products right there on the bench is you are far more likely to actually use them. now we don’t wanna see your scraggy old tooth brush and half used tube of paste here – keep those hidden (well hidden) you want pretty, luxurious and tempting products you don’t mind your friends having a test (sharing is caring right?!).
*hot tip – keep the products matching your other styling. if you are going with hot pink towels you don’t want to stick an apple green product in a tacky plastic container front and center. keep things cute but neutral.
where to buy:
products – (well, you knew this was coming) SKINNED or your other favourite swoon worthy brands will suffice here. if you don’t wanna splurge on the big name brands thank you has some amazing and very affordable products (double benefit, they give back to various projects all across the world – serious good guys)
tray – kmart has some banging rose gold trays for really stupidly cheap, french knot has a pretty wicked bamboo tray for an absolute steal.
SKINNED store bathroom ideas we are crushing on
statement piece! i really have a love for all things statementy (that’s a word ok), i love nothing more than a pointless chair that sits so pretty in the corner of a room. the bathroom does not escape my love for (near) pointless but awesome statement piece furniture and can be used as a place to drape your dirty clothes (we all need more places to dump out shit lets be honest). for me right now i am all about the wooden stool topped with your favourite natural bath salts and hand towel close enough to the bath for easy reach of the wine glass, looks rad and is functional – win win right?!
*hot tip – if you have a plain bathroom in neutral colours be daring and go something heavy or bold. if you are rocking a bathroom from the 70’s with cute (im being nice here, don’t take this as a compliment) matching pastel colour tiles, toilet, sink and shower base go for something simple (and possibly just blow your bathroom up and start again).
where to buy:
adairs has super cute pink top occasional tables that will sweeten any bathroom, raw sunshine coast have your natural timber piece absolutely sorted!